Vedic Astrology Services

Birth Chart Analysis

This reading comprises a fundamental analysis of an individual’s natal birth chart which focuses upon one’s strengths, weaknesses, natural abilities, family and relationship connections as well as challenged areas of life.  It also looks at one’s mental disposition, education, body type, potential longevity and earning capacity.

$225 / 75 Minute Session

Relationship Compatibility

The Vedic Astrology system that originates from ancient India, dates back thousands of years and has been used for centuries in assessing marriage compatibility.  Consultations for compatibility between relationships, whether business oriented or personal, this reading specifically looks at favorable and challenging aspects between both charts in question.  The degree of compatibility between individuals is astrologically expressed through the strength or weakness of the planets and houses involved between the charts of both individuals in the relationship.

$325 / 90 Minute Session

Career & Vocation

Knowing one’s career or vocation can be a challenge for many people.  This also relates to one’s dharma, which simply means our higher purpose for being, which happens to also include our choice of career.  Following our heart or inspiration within a work environment can often times create financial trepidation or worry, since many tend to feel work is not about enjoying what one does every day to sustain themselves, but rather a form of service that simply covers the bills.

$225 / 75 Minute Session

Muhurta or Events – Favorable time/event

Planning events, whether it’s the start of a new business, surgery, marriage / relationship, or building a new home, there are favorable times for each.  Success for new ventures have proven intricately connected to specified times that an occasion or event is chosen for, which  also tie directly to the constellations of the Moon known in Vedic Astrology as the Nakshatras, from Sanskrit which translates to: “that which does not decay”.

The history and mythology of the Nakshatras are thousands of years old and ultimately represent archetypes, deities and personas that offer a kind of energetic influence in support of very specific events in our lives.

$225 / 75 Minute Session