Saturn’s Influence

Saturn also represents structure, foundations, the earth and solid earth elements.  Its symbol or archetype is that of an old man, or possibly a hermit or wise old sage or teacher.  The fact Saturn for individuals tends to act like a stern teacher or possibly a disciplinarian, is due to his ultimate aim to always offer insight, understanding, transformation and growth.  Think of your math or biology teacher or even a spiritual mentor who tends to have a more serious personality with a lot of focus and concern for your learning progress.  Saturn is not typically emotionally expressive or dramatic, but rather serious and contemplative.  Saturn rules over Capricorn and Aquarius, but it is according to the astrological sign rising over the eastern horizon at the moment of our birth which designates one of the twelve signs rising as our ascendant, this in turn delineates the beginning of our birth chart starting with the 1st house and continuing to 12th house.  Each house represents a particular area of our life including all our relationships and if you are sincerely interested in looking at these influences more closely then you will want to connect for a one on one astrology reading.