Moon’s Transits

Chandra is the Sanskrit name given to the Moon in Vedic Astrology.  Of all the planets, Chandra is the fastest moving on its path revolving around the Earth.  It takes Chandra about 2 & ½ days to transit through a sign of the Zodiac.  The Moon represents more than our emotions, it also reveals our perception of the world around us, how we perceive our world or the environment in which we live.  Based upon its position or placement in our birth chart, Chandra shows us our mental qualities and strengths, and thereby our emotional stability, including interpretations of our life experiences.

Moon in Aries – Quick and or vibrant mind, spontaneous, well liked, passionate, enjoys travel or just moving around a lot, adaptable and typically strong health overall.  Challenges can be a stubborn personality, may say anything to get their way , short attention span, may be prone to burn out or accidents(good at starting projects or business ventures but not finishing them – good for business entrepreneurs).

Moon in Taurus – Exalted, strong, yet calm disposition, emotionally grounded, respected, steady build-up of wealth over time, attracted to sensual pleasures and comfortable surroundings.  Challenges can be giving oneself too much down-time, possibly becoming lazy, can be jealous and or possessive, health ailments may be around the throat or thyroid area.

Moon in Gemini – Creative and witty, quick mind, easy to get along with, charming and sociable, usually fluent in speech.  May be too cunning or skeptical, puts too many tasks on their “list of their things to do”, may also feel emotionally overstimulated, uncertain or divided.

Moon in Cancer – Fullness of feelings, sensitive, kind, affectionate, forgiving, humane, friendly and mother to all, able to handle emotional challenges well.  Verses, too attached, carries a victim mentality or simply submissive to loved ones, up and down emotionally and may feel a lack of love.

Moon in Leo – Ambitious for recognition, generous, affectionate, helpful, inspiring, loves refined things, good speaker, prominent position, takes charge, may need to work on their own.  Verses, needs to be the center of attention, too proud, arrogant or bossy.

Moon in Virgo – Good analytical abilities, honest, discriminating, refined, intuitive, capable speaker, counselor or scientifically minded.  Verses, nervous disposition, critical, over-idealized concepts for relationships.

Moon in Libra – Diplomatic, persuasive, gentle or balanced disposition, appreciates comforts and refined possessions.  Verses, indecisive, overly sensitive or manipulative, may be lazy or indifferent.

Moon in Scorpio – Devotional or mystical nature, a quick wit, cares deeply, good investigative nature, intuitive and even sensual.  Verses, vindictive or blunt, impatient, secretive, possibly cruel.

Moon in Sagittarius – Open-minded, influential or popular, may be driven by ideals, enthusiastic, noble, love of philosophy or religion, enjoys travel and learning new things.  Verses, being too direct in speech, or blunt, not knowing when to back off or know when enough is enough.

Moon in Capricorn – Controlled emotions, dependable, practical or methodical in behavior, loves old or antique type things, mountainous areas, conditions in life usually get better with age.  Verses, unscrupulous or self-serving, may be drawn to dysfunctional partners, can be of a depressed nature or simply stubborn or insecure.

Moon in Aquarius – Politically astute, philosophical, scientific or creative disposition, astrologer/mystic, modest nature, may prefer isolation or a lot of time to oneself.  Verses, depressed nature, difficult to make friends, dislike of authority figures and agencies, strange behavior/paranoid or nervous disorder.

Moon in Pisces – Embraces feelings very strongly, intuitive & spiritual, empathetic and devoted, basically all around nice person, affectionate, caring and expressive.  Verses, may wear their emotions on their sleeve – visible for all to see, subservient, may be impulsive and unreliable.