Mercury in Retrograde

First indicative feature of Mercury is that it represents communication in all its forms, including our learning capacity in conjunction with (or connection to) the Moon.  Mercury is retrograde during the year three times on average for approximately three weeks in duration.  It also expresses commerce, trade, money and calculation and even travel to an extent.  When Mercury is retrograde, its energy is said to be expressed in a way that is not the norm of its typical behavior.  For example, communication is said to be challenged or lacking in clarity where we are easily confused or misunderstood when speaking with someone, no matter what the subject matter is at hand.  However, a point to make concerning a very old Vedic rule regarding Jyotish (Original Hindu Astrology), is that if the native(the individual being read for) has a natal Mercury that is retrograde or debilitated, the effects upon them during a retrograde Mercury are to a large extent nullified or severely remediated so that individual does not experience the strong negative effects typically experienced during such a transit of this kind.  Additionally, a retrograde Mercury could possibly enhance an individual’s energy or psyche, to the extent that they find it quite natural to think outside of the box.  Albert Einstein had a debilitated Mercury in Pisces, and is known around the world for creating the Theory of Relativity, completely reshaping our understanding of physics and the universe in which we live.

Concerning helpful practices during these times of retrograde motion, clearing the air so to speak can be as simple as double checking or triple checking any point of concern when talking with someone, or when signing a contract by re-reading the fine print for any needed clarification.  During this time period of Mercury retrograde, it is not recommended to purchase electronics, such as computers, Ipads, smart phones or even cars or real estate.  This retrograde is only three weeks in duration so fortunately its not too long of a wait.  If you find yourself picking up one of these items previously mentioned, just know its possible that you may be returning it for repairs or simply exchanging it for a new one.  If you are involved in a real estate deal, you may find delays in getting the paperwork finalized.  However, as I mentioned before, effects are dependent upon our natal birth chart, so if you have a retrograde or debilitated Mercury in your chart, you find the effects during these times rather different than most, such as a friend of mine who has a debilitated Mercury in Pisces and is a well renowned and very talented psychic.  

Travel is also effected during these times with either unexpected congestion on the roads, freeways and or airports, or simply longer delays beyond the norm (and of course, the norm is relative for each of us).  Experiencing unexpected delays in some form is typically the status-quo for Mercury’s retrograde influence.  We are once again finishing another Mercury retrograde on July 1st, then its celestial motion will be considered direct, (or forward in its natural motion).  Mercury experiences a retrograde motion approximately three times a year for about three weeks at a time, as mentioned previously, and our last one for 2014 will be October of this year.

Retrogrades are actually an optical illusion.  Planets obviously do not reverse their path’s trajectory around the Sun.  It’s simply a difference in the planet’s speed around the Sun compared to that of the Earth’s position and speed.  When a retrograde planet’s speed is slower than the Earth’s motion, the appearance of the observable planet looks to be moving in reverse, hence, astrologers refer to this as a planet in retrograde.