Jupiter’s Influence

The status of a planet being exalted is strongly indicative of strength and favorable influences ‘most of the time’.  An aspect represents a planet’s influence either by line of sight (planets facing each other from across one’s birth chart), or by conjunction which means it is located in or sharing the same sign as another planet.  For example, if someone has Jupiter and the Moon in the sign of Cancer together, this is considered a conjunction, and most often a deeply spiritualizing influence at that!

On a more philosophical or spiritual note, taking advantage of the upcoming year with Jupiter being exalted can prove helpful in making significant strides in growth and spiritual awareness.  If you are feeling inclined to begin a meditation practice or connect with a support group for emotional healing or empathic studies, or even traditional avenues in education, this is a great time and opportunity to do so.

Personally, I find Vedic Astrology to be a very helpful tool, a tool for sharing insight, strengths and challenges and even influencing forces that may still be ‘down the road a piece’ as my father so often says.  Being an Aquarian rising myself which is ruled by the planet Saturn, I prefer some practical explanations that can often shed some ‘real’ world light on influencing factors.  Saturn-type folks for example, can exhibit an attitude of ‘show me the facts’ mindset.  And as an example, let’s consider the Moon.  The Moon is profoundly important in effecting the movement of the ocean currents, waves and tides, which in turn effects shifting weather patterns. Since our Mother Earth planet is covered by more than 70% water, the Moon exerts an immense amount of influence physically speaking.  So, if we consider the fact that the human body is over 70% water, similar to our Mother Earth, then I think we can consider the possibility, that the Moon and other planets may have something to say about their effect upon our daily lives as well.  Food for thought and hope you enjoyed this article.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions