January/February Vedic Astrology Newsletter

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By Mark Alexander
Welcome to our free monthly astrological newsletter. Below you will find astrological influences for all the signs of the Zodiac relative to the Sun position for the month of February 2022 and a whole lot more.
This is a sidereal based or (fixed star system) of astrology, meaning its relative calculations are astronomically reflective of the literal planetary positions. That being said, there is also the lunar constellations to take into account since my practice of astrology is based upon the ancient Vedas of India otherwise known as Jyotish, meaning the ‘science of light’.
To begin, please note that your Vedic Sun sign will likely be different from your western astrological birth chart, due to the approximate 23 degree difference that currently separates the calculations between Vedic and Western astrology.
Vedic Sun Sign Dates
1: Aries Apr 13 – May 14
2: Taurus May 15 – Jun 14
3: Gemini Jun 15 – Jul 14
4: Cancer Jul 15 – Aug 14
5: Leo Aug 15 – Sep 15
6: Virgo Sep 16 – Oct 15
7: Libra Oct 16 – Nov 14
8: Scorpio Nov 15 – Dec 14
9: Sagittarius Dec 15 – Jan 13
10: Capricorn Jan 14 – Feb 11
11: Aquarius Feb 12 – Mar 12
12: Pisces Mar 13 – Apr 12
Birth date between April 13 to May 14.
Aries Sun – If your Sun is in the sign of Aries, your personality will be bold, energetic and sometimes aggressive in the way of being a bit too demanding. If your Sun is influenced from a challenging planet, you may need to be aware of, or be respectful of boundaries of others, meaning try not to push your beliefs or agendas onto them. Offer what you feel is true for you from the perspective of friendship or cooperation. Aries is a Fire Sign, and the Sun is exalted here giving you an exceptionally strong character, so know that you can be overpowering to others and may not even know it. If you’re feeling off balance emotionally or upset about something, remember to take a few deep breaths and then speak, “after” you think about what it is you want to say. Your Sun in Aries is great for successfully starting projects and opportunities, but remember it will be helpful to have a working partner or group of associates that will see through the completion of your business goals and projects.
Your Aries Sun placement means the February Sun transit is moving through the Sign of Capricorn, your 10th house as measured from your natal Sun location. Meaning, this strengthens the influence of your father or your father figure’s career position. This transit can also help you feel impowered or driven regarding your own vocation and career goals. After all, Aires is ruled by the planet Mars which represents martial and strong passionate energy, so be aware to think before jumping into that activity or project that may be something akin to biting off more than you can chew.
Birth date between May 15 to June 14
Taurus Sun – If your Sun is in the sign of Taurus, your personality will enjoy comforts of home, nice vehicles and fine clothing. Taurus body types are usually similar to the bull, as in a larger physical torso whether male or female. Venus rules the sign of Taurus, and a Sun / Venus influence may create a strong desire for having a bit more comfort in one’s life and splurging on yourself, whether it’s a new automobile, some comfortable furniture or a tropical vacation.
If your natal Sun is in Taurus, the current Sun location is in the 9th house from your Sun. The 9th house influence can create interests in higher education, religious or spiritual disciplines or even yoga practice, something that resonates with a higher aim or goal in life. If you are someone who has a spiritual practice, then you also may feel a strong inclination to take some time for yourself work towards expanding your level of education or spiritual awareness.

Birth date between June 15 to July 14
Gemini Sun Sign – A Gemini Sun is one who often comes across as intellectual, communicative and even artistically creative. They are mentally quite active, forward thinking and progressive type people. They are also very capable of seeing both sides of controversial issues. Gemini Sun people usually make very good communicators, teachers or broadcasters.
If your natal Sun is in the sign of Gemini, the current transiting Sun in Capricorn puts this influence in your 8th house. This can create a deeper sense of wanting to have more time to yourself, like possibly taking a vacation to a foreign country, or maybe a seclusion to experience longer periods of meditation and introspection.
Birth date between July 15 to August 14
Cancer Sun Sign – Cancer Sun is going to create strong feelings and a sense of importance for having one’s home or family around them. These are typically home-body types that enjoy being in a home environment more often than not. They can also make innovative architects or automobile designers or simply realtors or car salesman.
This natal or birth Sun sign puts the current transit of the Sun in your 7th house of Capricorn. During this period, the Sun influence to your 7th house of partnerships creates potential relationships with an individual who is strong in character, vibrant personality, possibly over powering to an extent, or domineering. This influence is also characteristic of someone who is creative and energetic. Depending upon other planetary influences, be aware that sometimes these folks may overstep their bounds leaving one feeling taken advantage of.
Birth date August 15 to September 15
Leo Sun Sign – A Leo Sun person is usually the life of the party. Very charismatic, outgoing and energetic. Leo’s love to have an audience around them, or at least friends that enjoy their enthusiasm. Leo’s are also great performers, they love being the center of attention and having fun. They are typically strong in character and able to persevere through great challenges.
A Leo Sun sign will currently put the transiting Sun in your 6th house of Capricorn. This will feel like a time for pushing through work demands and challenges and also help you in completing job deadlines. Sun in your 6th should also help strengthen your immune system, though if Mars is together with the sun during this transit you may experience a bit more indigestion at times.
Birth date September 16 October 15
Virgo Sun Sign – Virgo Sun types are very detail oriented, often involved in health professions or service focused occupations. Virgos can also make great accountants, strategists or teachers, musicians and or chefs or bakers.
Sun in Virgo will have the transiting Sun through Capricorn in your 5th house. Sun transiting the 5th is supportive to one’s children and their own ability to creatively express their natural and inherent talents, including the native(you) as well. You may also find an investment that can likely prove favorable.
Birth date October 16 to November 14
Libra Sun Sign – Sun in Libra is considered it’s fall placement, not that it’s always a bad thing, because it is not. Depending upon the strength of Libra’s ruler, Venus; this can support and or challenge the Sun’s strength. If the Sun is strong in this position, the individual will likely express a good deal of humility and compassion. If the Sun is weak, they may have a low sense of self esteem and be critical of others.
When the Sun is transiting Capricorn for a Libra Ascendant person, this is aspecting their 4th house of home, property, the mother and one’s formal education, including their mindset or general state of being. The Sun also represents the father figure in our life. This can strengthen a person or if challenged and badly aspected, can bring us down emotionally during its monthly transit.
Birth date November 15 to December 14
Scorpio Sun Sign – A Scorpio Sun person is inherently strong physically, motivated and passionate. They often make very good worker-bees as the saying goes and gives them a fairly strong physical constitution. If Mars the ruler of Scorpio is also strong, the native is usually a very good survivor-type personality and naturally self-sufficient.
A Scorpio Sun placement with a transiting Sun through Capricorn put him in the native’s 3rd house. The individual may find themselves taking several short trips or journeys during this time period, working on creative ideas or being more self-expressive. The native may also connect with younger siblings more frequently during this time.
Birth date December 15 to January 13
Sagittarius Sun Sign – The Sun in Sagittarius at birth is a strong aspect since the Sun and Jupiter are considered friends. Sagittarius is a fire sign and typically the Sun here gives the native a good father figure who is supportive and nurturing. It also tends to give the individual a strong belief system and adventurous spirit. Severe and negative aspects can create beliefs that are too one-sided, meaning it can produce a fundamental type perspective or idealism that’s out of balance or extreme.
Sun in Sagittarius natally puts your current transiting Sun in the 2nd house of Capricorn. This transit influence will often enliven us or give a sense of authority in our communication. It may also make one feel overly concerned with how they are perceived by others. The Sun in your 2nd house at this time may also help you financially, including potential support from your father or father figure you are close to.
Birth date January 14 to February 11
Capricorn Sun Sign – Capricorn Sun people are driven within their work. They will also tend to have a prosperous father and or support from their father. These individuals are often traditional in the sense of being hard workers, goal oriented and strive to climb the corporate ladder.
Sun transiting the 2nd house will likely compel you to speak your mind, though this will tend to be with honest intentions of having your point of view heard. Strong speakers they often make, as well as being respectfully direct. It’s also possible you may receive some financial support from your father, or a father figure in your life during this time as well.
Birth date February 12 to March 12
Aquarius Sun Sign – An Aquarius Sun creates a philosophical mindset that is also business oriented. Depending upon aspects to the Sun, as well as Saturn the ruler of Aquarius, the individual may also find it natural or easy in acquiring networks of friends and business acquaintances. Aquarians like Capricorns, can be serious minded and focused. They are also not necessarily talkative individuals unless a conversation is meaningful to them.
This current transit will put the Sun in your 12th house of Capricorn. This influence is likely to make one feel like having more alone time, or possibly taking a retreat-type vacation. It can also potentially create some physical or emotional distance from one’s father or father figure in your life. A 12th house Sun transit can also make one feel during this period a bit unseen, or emotionally withdrawn.
Birth date March 13 to April 12
Pisces Sun Sign – A Pisces Sun person is imaginative and feeling oriented with how they perceive the world around them. They are usually innovative with creative business ideas and typically have a spiritual sense of their surroundings as well, often feeling a higher connection to the other side as I like to say. This can also make it difficult at times for a Pisces to feel grounded in the real world of the 9 to 5 day in and day out routines.
The Sun’s transit through Capricorn will be moving through a Sun Pisces 11th house, this will often bring about more friendship connections, manifesting one’s goal or dream, or at least revitalizing one’s focus to accomplish said goad or dream. They will also reconnect or spend more time with their older sibling/s, and very likely earn more income by working with their network of friends and or acquaintances.