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By Mark Alexander
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Below you will find astrological influences for all twelve houses relative to the Sun position in Capricorn for the month of January 2023. To find your Sun’s house placement in your birth chart, simply look at the Vedic Sun Sign dates below and check to see where your birthday falls. Using that Sun sign location from your birthdate, you can simply count however many signs until you reach the Sign of Capricorn, and that is how many signs the “transiting” Sun is located from your natal Sun position.

I’ll also include the influences of Saturn as he is getting ready to move into the Sign of Aquarius. The larger planets like Saturn and Jupiter tend to show significant effects when they are making their move or transit from one sign to another.
This is a sidereal based or (fixed star system) of astrology, meaning its relative calculations are astronomically reflective of the literal planetary positions. Also, there are lunar or Moon constellations to consider since the practice of Vedic astrology is based upon the ancient Vedas of India, otherwise known as Jyotish, meaning the ‘science of light’. The Moon constellations reference 27 different Moon signs, or Nakshatras in Sanskrit, that are incorporated within the traditional Zodiac.

 To begin, please note that your Vedic Sun sign will likely be different from your western astrological birth chart, due to the approximate 24-degree difference that currently separates the calculations between Vedic and Western astrology. The Vedic system of astrology uses the same orientation to planetary positioning as astronomers do across the globe, so the astrological interpretation is viewed from a real-time point of reference.
Vedic Sun Sign Dates
1: Aries Apr 14 – May 15
2: Taurus May 15 – Jun 14
3: Gemini Jun 15 – Jul 14
4: Cancer Jul 15 – Aug 14
5: Leo Aug 15 – Sep 15
6: Virgo Sep 16 – Oct 15
7: Libra Oct 16 – Nov 14
8: Scorpio Nov 15 – Dec 14
9: Sagittarius Dec 15 – Jan 13
10: Capricorn Jan 14 – Feb 11
11: Aquarius Feb 12 – Mar 13
12: Pisces Mar 14 – Apr 14

General overview for the Sun sign of Capricorn.

The Sun as of Jan 14th 2023, will be located in Capricorn, specifically Jan 14th to Feb 11th when Surya(the Sun) will move through this portion of the zodiac.

A Capricorn Sun is resolute, learned, hardworking, ambitious with good endurance. Usually very rational in nature, reserved, diplomatic, tactful and often prosperous. Capricorns can sometimes become so focused or serious in their outlook in life that they can become somewhat morose or gloomy. And yet, the symbol for Capricorn is the mountain goat or the mythological sea goat that represents perseverance in character.

Capricorn Sun in the 1st house: A 1st house Sun influence makes us feel more concerned personally about what is going on in our own life during this particular transit. We will tend to ask the question, ‘what is it that I really need at this time for me’? This influence can make us feel more forceful or capable in projecting our self out into the world, making a significant impression upon others, or simply more resolute about taking care of yourself. It’s a good idea to be subjective about your personal perspectives at this time, as the Sun transiting here can make us think more about our self instead of others. So, just a helpful hint to remember its always helpful in thinking of others as well.

Sun in the 2nd house: Concern on one’s values, finances and valuable assets are in your awareness right now. One helpful practice would be to host a get together just for the enjoyment of sharing your resources with others in an appropriate manner. No need to overdo it, nor break the bank. You may feel a stronger connection to your finances, assets or objects of value, but remember they should be a reflection of something you find beautiful or meaningful in your life that you appreciate, not that you define yourself by the fact of owning something valuable. Know that your inherent sense of security comes from within a deeper level of awareness or spiritual connection, not anything physical. Sometimes the Sun’s placement here can create attachments, it’s wonderful to enjoy beautiful or valuable things of the world, but eventually we all get to let go of whatever we’ve attracted into our lives. A healthy respect for this temporal, physical life regarding those who are important to us is always a wise consideration, meaning we usually can’t go wrong in spending time with those we love.

Sun in the 3rd house: Focus is on communication and your immediate surroundings. Travel or short trips and being out and about may be a support to you now or something you find fulfilling. The pace of life for you during this month especially may feel like things are speeding up, or you may simply see several activities or opportunities you want to jump into. If you’re feeling any restlessness, do your best to walk in balance and communicate with others about where you’re emotionally coming from.

Sun in the 4th house: Family, home and your emotional needs will take precedence. Being around those you care about most will be your focus. Take care of any emotional challenge or need at this time, and if necessary, allow yourself time to be out in nature, or possibly a secluded spot for contemplation/meditation. You may be having memories popup and remind you of some challenging experience when you were growing up. Self-reflection and introspection could be very helpful to you now, if you feel called to…journal, read, or verbally allow your awareness to let go of past challenges. Even reaching out to a counselor may be of interest, and if it feels appropriate, go with it.

Sun in the 5th house: Creative abilities and a sense of being free to express yourself will likely be your focus. As the previous house was much more about introspection, the 5th house influence is simply about having fun and enjoying life. This could potentially lead to going out and dating or finding a new relationship, but everything in balance is a healthy motto. Meaning, take care of life’s responsibilities and enjoy going out for some R&R.

Sun in the 6th house: This house will focus on work responsibilities, health and making smart choices. This would not be the time to over indulge in anything, and remember to work at being as efficient and effective as possible. This month may feel more like hard work, possibly even nose to the grind stone type metaphor would be more appropriate at this time. The 6th house is that of service, so having your own way right now may likely feel that you get to take a backseat so-to-speak. However, in acts of service, this influence can help you feel you’re honestly contributing to others well-being, which will only help you feel more fulfilled emotionally speaking.

Sun in the 7th house: Partnerships, business or personal. During this time, the Sun can have us look at how we contribute, as well as what we receive from our relationships. A balance is paramount and necessary to feel close to our partner, whether married or not. If you’re in a long-standing relationship, the affects are the same. This is not the time of going it alone, whether in an intimate relationship or business partnership. Remember, communication, sharing and an honest sense of what each partner needs is important to be understood, otherwise things may lead to misunderstandings or a conflict.

Sun in the 8th house: This transit invokes the need for us to introspect and contemplate. Journaling and meditating, possibly even counseling would be a significant help at this time. The 8th house symbolizes the psyche and or our psychological needs that may need to be addressed. This house also represents transformation, change and the challenges therein that come with our outer world shifting in a way that we may not understand. Like letting go of the old and embracing the new, losing a partner or having to deal with past emotions we thought were no longer a concern. Ultimately however, this influence can help us grow in profound ways if we are but willing to look within and work on ourselves.

Sun in the 9th house: New studies, or new hoppy or discipline, whether this is simply for your enjoyment or an intellectual interest, it doesn’t matter. This is a favorable transit for learning or experiencing something new, including possible travels abroad. Remember, traveling at this time will ultimately be more beneficial for you if there is something you can learn throughout the journey. Meaning, don’t make traveling at this time purely for entertainment, allow yourself the opportunity to learn something as well which can enable you to share with others.

Sun in the 10th house: Work, profession and career are the focus for you at this time. This also includes our standing within the community and how we feel about our place in the world. A 10th house Sun transit will typically shine a spot light on you, either within your work environment or your corporate position. It will also influence our personality or ego in a way that may potentially want more recognition. Take time to introspect on your work and the direction it’s taking you, also be sure to focus on coming from integrity as you will tend to be more noticeable at this time. Is this ultimately the direction you want to go as you push through the daily efforts within your chosen career? If not, it could be a time to consider how one may expand your career choices.

Sun in the 11th house: Groups, networks, socializing and friendships are the focus of this month’s transit. Working with and cooperating with others is especially important now, compared to going it alone and attempting to simply do your own thing. Connecting with others and those you share common ideals with can feel like a significant boost or support to you at this time. It’s important to have boundaries however, and to also be aware of the different personalities you are connecting with. The Sun here may at times push us to dominate a group or network setting, but this usually comes about from at least one or two more challenging aspects at the same time. Those we attract may at times be a challenging influence in our life if we don’t agree with their perspective, but sometimes a different way of looking at a topic or issue can help expand alternative solutions. Always a helpful practice to have an open or non-attached way of working through a problem, as solutions can often show up in a most unexpected way.

Sun in the 12th house: This transit is a time to reflect on one’s subconscious and to honestly ask ourselves what is it that I’ve shared with the world around me, how have I interacted and projected myself out to the world in which I live? It’s important to ask; is what I’ve projected to the world the same person I feel that I am on the inside? Being true to our self is one of the greatest healing practices we can engage in. Taking time to be alone for a short period could be very helpful in reflecting on our strengths and challenges, or rather our faults and virtues. This is not about blaming our self for anything directly, it’s about establishing the awareness of how one projects and perceives of oneself, and how we can improve our ability to relate with others and our self.

Current events…

Mars and Mercury are currently retrograde, Mars until Jan 13th and Mercury until January 18th. Without going into too many details around retrograde influence, just remember this often tends to express the planet in question with more of a challenging light around that planet’s characteristics. Mars reflects one’s passion, strength and aggression. Mercury reflects our intellect, communication skills and commerce.

Mercury retrograde tends to create hiccups in travel, electronics, ordering online, etc. Case in point, just as Mercury started its retrograde, I actually ‘attempted’ to purchase something online. The order ‘appeared’ to go through, but a few days later as I called to check on being able to pick up my purchase, the company said…oh’ we’re sorry that’s actually NOT available even though it was still on the website I was ordering from…hmmm, perfect example of Mercury retrograde…and yes, irritating.

Saturn moving into the Sign of Aquarius just as I’m putting out this newsletter…specifically January 17th, and there it will remain for approximately two and half years. Aquarius is a humanitarian sign of the zodiac and reflects people or the masses coming together in a variety of ways, typically for the better, however, not always. The last time Saturn was in Aquarius the WTO, the World Trade Organization was started to help expand free economic trade around the globe. Unfortunately, we also experienced the Rwandan and Bosnian genocide between 1994 and 1995. If you look back another 30 years when Saturn was in Aquarius the time before 1994/5, was during the mid 1960s, specifically the assassination of JFK in November of 63’ less than two months prior to Saturn’s transit into Aquarius in January of 1964 and lasted up to 1966. A little history checking will clearly show many thousands of people coming together on very different platforms, social, cultural and economic, etc., and upheavals in several aspects were very apparent and challenging on many levels.

The aspect of Saturn in Aquarius I pray this time helps us be more supportive to one another, and I honestly feel in smaller pockets or groups and settings, like grass roots-type environments or neighborhoods and small towns, that people will come together to help each other more so than not. On larger stages like major metropolis cities and governments around the globe, I’m very concerned that it will take a great deal of patience for all of us to work through the differences that come up. Regarding political groups, figure heads, etc., there seems to be an inherent distrust no matter what side you’re on, so …. I strongly continue to urge the importance of service, meditation, introspection and focused prayer from a peace-filled mindset. A powerful saint once said, ‘a single heartfelt prayer is more powerful than a confused cathedral any day’. It is vital to have one’s awareness open and in-tune, especially when out and about. Be aware of your surroundings and just take your time. Do your best not to be in a hurry, be safe and use common sense when traveling.

Unfortunately, continuing upheavals could include on-going fighting between Russia and Ukraine. It’s also possible the Chinese will continue to step up their naval and aircraft surveillance around Taiwan and create a more serious situation. I’m not necessarily predicting this to take place, though I would not be surprised and at the very least, we will see more political rhetoric and saber rattling undoubtedly taking center stage from within the media world between countries.

I also want to share however, that Jupiter is in a favorable sign Pisces, this should help expand our spiritual mindset and awareness for those who meditate and pray, though Pisces is a water sign so that can activate more emotional or kneejerk reactions for some if they feel their ‘buttons’ get pushed as the saying goes.
Mars will transit through Taurus for a couple of more months, a sign ruled by Venus where he will slowly take his time moving out by mid-March 2023. And to offer my gut feeling about this aspect, Venus is a lover, not a fighter, so I’m hopeful that wiser, cooler heads will prevail. One caveat however, relates to China’s leader Xi Jinping’s birth chart. On the Cusp between Taurus and Gemini sits his Sun within a degree which creates a sensitive aspect where a transiting planet like Mars going over his Sun may step up more military actions from China…we shall see. Early to mid-March into summer 2023 is the time period to watch for this.

Overall, I’m being cautious financially speaking these next several months, but that’s me. If you feel so inclined, it could be a helpful practice to keep an eye on your financial portfolio with a reliable and “seasoned” financial advisor.
If you have any questions, please reach out via my website email. I’d love to hear what you think.
Blessings and light to All.
Mark Alexander
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