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Getting Ready For Your Session

Mark offers astrological consultations by phone or in-person Monday – Saturday from 10am to 5pm Pacific Time Zone. Note taking is encouraged though your session will be recorded and emailed to you.  You may also record your session via smart phone, tablet or Ipad.  Please have questions prepared before the start of your reading.


Vedic Astrology is considered by many scholars to be a historical and mythological practice of ancient wisdom that incorporates science and the art of refined perception.  The ancient seers who carried this sacred practice into modern day, often expressed the importance of conscientious awareness or common sense that is encouraged for clients to embrace.  Take what feels right and appropriate for you at the time of the reading, and leave the rest on a shelf in the back of your mind to possibly contemplate at a later date.

We are all evolving beings, sometimes information that may not resonate with us at one particular point in our life, may in fact make perfect sense later on.  That being said, I often remind all my clients that Vedic Astrology consultations stress probabilities and likelihoods, not absolutes.