Astrological Signs

Aries – Ruled by Mars, 1st Fire sign and natural 1st house of the Zodiac.  Aggressive, single point of focus to initiate projects, strong and courageous, ambitious, leadership abilities, self-sufficient with executive type energy.  Straight forward in speech, potentially adversarial in nature or aggressive.  Sometimes intolerant or arrogant and may have challenges with completing tasks or seeing objects through to the end.

Taurus – Ruled by Venus, 1st Earth sign and natural 2nd house of the Zodiac.  Grounded and productive.  Usually skilled in   business, able to maintain harmonious relations, tenacious and patient in spirit, difficult to provoke but watch out if pushed too far, Taurus is represented by the bull, a powerful energy and strong willed.  Sometimes inflexible or stubborn, may feel uncompromising or lazy at times.

Gemini – Ruled by Mercury, 1st Air sign and natural 3rd house of the Zodiac.  Versatile, focus is on thinking.  Diverse, good with reading and writing, talented debater with a literary mentality, yet may also by indecisive or cunning.  Sometimes however, these individuals may also be too cunning or clever for their own good.  May be flirtatious, restless or nervous in nature.

Cancer – Ruled by Moon, 1st Water sign and natural 4th house of the Zodiac.  Feeling and family oriented.  Emotionally open and affectionate, kind hearted, make good listeners, protective and supportive.  May also be intuitive and imaginative.  Challenges include co-dependent behavior, low self-worth or self-pity/loathing demeanor, difficulty in maintaining boundaries.

Leo – Ruled by Sun, 2nd Fire sign and natural 5th house of the Zodiac.  Strong vitality, ambition and personality.  Leo’s prefer to have satellites around them, as in being the center of attention.  Usually carries a strong sense of will power, ability to organize and a flare for showmanship.  They can attract fame rather easily and imbue a sunny disposition.  Challenges are vanity and or arrogance, boastful and condescending demeanor, possibly obstinate and very needy of praise.

Virgo – Ruled by Mercury, 2nd Earth sign and natural 6th house of the Zodiac.  Service     oriented demeanor with a focus on health and order.  Pragmatic and usually detail focused with interest in numbers, measurements and cleanliness.  Challenges can be that of a worry-wart, easily frustrated with a fault-finding attitude, skeptical or simply a boring personality or one who is lonely or monastic.

Libra – Ruled by Venus, 2nd Air sign and natural 7th house of the Zodiac.  Balance, flexibility and a friendly attitude is usually their focus.  Diplomatic and able to see both sides of issues and also fashionable.  Challenges can be someone who is manipulative yet charming, narcissistic or vain, too compromising, vacillating or indifferent.

Scorpio – Ruled by Mars, 2nd Water sign and natural 8th house of the Zodiac.  Passionate and devoted, nurturing to others, makes a very good friend, usually intuitive with a strong spiritual orientation, inspiring to others and is multi-talented.  Challenges can be possessiveness, unforgiving, controlling and or worrier-like mentality.  Can be victimized in intimate relationships, may get involved too quickly and or may feel misunderstood.

Sagittarius – Ruled by Jupiter, 3rd Fire sign and natural 9th house of the Zodiac.  Desire openness and freedom.  Usually very confident and strives for truth and understanding.  Sag people need to know what lies beneath situations or circumstances, what supports them and why.  They benefit greatly from mental and physical activity.  Challenges for these individuals can be fanaticism; religious or political, even greed.  Bad bed-side manners if afflicted, a pushy personality or one who needs to move around often or travel frequently.

Capricorn – Ruled by Saturn, 3rd Earth sign and natural 10th house of the Zodiac.  Practical, methodical mindset and careful.  Service-oriented mindset, desires to attract recognition and a good position in life.  They also prefer alone time and or seclusion.  Very respectful toward friends and is usually a friend for life.  Challenges for an afflicted Capricorn can be a suspicious and or selfish nature or harsh judge, easily depressed and or frustrated by obstacles in life, and possibly detached, where they can be quite functional, yet not affectionate.

Aquarius – Ruled by Saturn, 3rd Air sign and natural 11th house of the Zodiac.  Humane, innovative and creative-often in a scientific way, usually clever in business, intuitive and accommodating.  Aquarians make good monastics, teachers or religious and or spiritual leaders.  Challenges are not recognizing or seeing one’s own talents and abilities, difficulty in following a pattern or routine, tend towards seclusion or isolation and does not fit in with the norm.  Also may be very secretive and cover up their true feelings.

Pisces – Ruled by Jupiter, 3rd Water sign and natural 12th house of the Zodiac.  Very intuitive, mystically oriented, philosophical and generous.  Usually a comforting type demeanor with a strong faith, whether religious or spiritual.  Also charming or charismatic and enjoys being in social environments.  Challenges can be procrastination, lack of focus or low self-confidence.  May consider doing a variety of things but doesn’t always follow through.