The ancient practice of Jyotish is recognized as the traditional Hindu system of astrology dating back thousands of years.  Jyoti, Sanskrit for light, is translated as “to see with light” and is considered to be the oldest form of astrology known to date.

Astrology is simply about recognizing universal symbols and road signs along our life’s journey through our Soul’s evolution.   And by seeing life’s opportunities, lessons, archetypes and challenges along the way, we are inherently guided to a higher path of understanding and wisdom.

My journey into the world of astrology began years ago after I was given a reading by a fellow yogi at the ashram we were living in, a spiritual community founded upon the teachings of my Guru Paramahansa Yogananda and his Kriya Yoga lineage.

I embrace sacred texts from the around the world, including the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, the Torah, Tao Te Ching and many others.  Some may find this contradictory, and yet I can share with you from experience that eternal Truths from traditions around the world, resonate with a sacred wisdom that cannot be denied.

When we are willing to take time to experience prayer and meditation, whether from our own spiritual tradition or from a different culture’s practice than one’s own, a clarity of insight and wisdom can open our awareness to the ultimate Universal Truth, “That All is One”!

A fundamental analysis of your natal birth chart will help you gain insight into your natural abilities, strengths & weaknesses, potential longevity and much more.

Learn your life’s purpose and what career choices make you happy by finding your hidden talents, abilities, and  aspirations that will help you reach your full potential.

Find out if your love interest or business partner is compatible. Using both of your birth charts to determine your favorable and challenging aspects, this consultation focuses on any type of relationship compatibility based on the  strengths and weaknesses between your charts.

Plan your important events using an ancient astrological method that is tied directly to the stars. The success of your event is intricately connected to specific times and also influenced by the constellations of the Moon, or Nakshatras.